Benefits of our sale Job Aids

10 major reasons and more why you need our electronic travel sale job aids now (Honeymoon, Luxury Travel, Family Travel…etc.) !

1. Free HR services (all products are equipped with Evaluation Assessments that you have to submit to staff as you can’t manage something you can’t measure!)
2. Free Training (Travel Expert – Situational Selling - will expose further the benefits of these products and also train on selling, service and communication skills…)
3. Romantic Recipes (ult...imate romantic activity in that destination which will ensure an awesome honeymoon)
4. Must See/DO attractions (Are suppliers providing the ultimate in that destination)
5. Up-selling is active (Selling for example a one-day cooking class at Le Cordon Bleu for Honeymooners or an optional tour to Eisriesenwelt, near Salzburg, largest ice cave in the world ! )
6. Time Management & Productivity & Google! (Not right to use Google!
a. How about the accuracy of information in a quick search; also customers can Google !
b. Almost all the requests that the client ask are all there in one place
c. How about when we are talking about many customer requests and not one
d. How about responsiveness which is one of the most important needs these days, customers want quick answers specially in high season)…etc.
e. Free updates are always provided
7. Visual Communication (87 % is the effect of visual communication , our products are all enriched with free photos that you can further develop by yourself inside with more intriguing pics for the ones you want to focus on)
8. Professionalism and Assurance to the customers when seeing the product in hand and all is electronic and done in a press of a button; this will also counter “customer is a competitor”
9. Generate new ideas (as if you are involved in Cruises, then you will know the major “Train Cruises” and hence offer an intriguing product to your current customers; also you might find something you follow as a GSA !)
10. Sell anytime of the year even low season


Starting 27 Feb 2014

3 International certificates in one, 2 from Canada and 1 from Switzerland


Upon completion of CIFFA Certificate and Advanced certificate, students/staff are granted automatically FIATA Freight Forwarding International Diploma, a top-notch qualification.
The prerequisite is the successful completion of the Certificate Level.
Program Curriculum:

CIFFA Certificate

Understanding Freight Forwarding
Transportation Geography
Land Transportation
Air / Ocean Freight
Commercial Documentation
Transport Insurance
International Payments
Packaging / warehousing
Dangerous Goods
Cargo Security, etc...

Advanced Certificate

About Ships
Chartering Airplanes /Vessels
Project Transportation
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
International Marketing
IT and E-Logistics, etc..


Register ASAP

Beirut Academy for Travel Sciences - B.A.T.S.

Tayouneh - Facing Beirut Mall - Jbara Building / 1st Floor 
Call us: 01 - 390555 / 666
Mobile: 03 - 28 27 08



CTA - Certified Travel Associate


The CTA program trains travel professionals how to close more sales, improve efficiency, expand geography knowledge and fine-tune customer service skills, all while earning widely recognized industry credentials.
The CTA program will be completed in around 1 month (from 6 till 8 pm.); however, candidates have only a maximum full year (12 months) to take the test. (International USA Certificate + ATTAL Certificate + Books...)

The CTA curriculum covers a total of 12 courses:...

1. Business Writing Skills
2. Customer-Focused Selling
3. Customer Service,
4. Interpersonal Communication,
5. Professionalism at Work,
6. Selling Special Interest Travel,
7. Touring the World
8. Understanding Customer Needs
9. Planning itineraries
10. Selling all -inclusive resorts
11. Selling escorted vacations
12. Time management.

You will also find so many programs that have been approved by The Travel Institute for CEUs (Continuing Education Units) as:

CLIA Accredited Cruise Counselor
College of Disney Knowledge Program
Hyatt Travel Specialist
IHG (Intercontinental) Agent University
Jordan Travel Specialist
Jumeriah Hotels
Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist
Morocco Specialist
Ramada Specialist
SELL River Cruising
SELL Romance Travel
Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Specialist…etc.

Call 01-390555 / 666
Email: /

Courses Will be held in ATTAL (Association of Travel and Tourism Agents in Lebanon) in Achrafieh Facing ABC Mall Al Salam Bldg. Al Salam Street Near Falefil Freiha.


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