The Young Designers competition was established in 1999 to celebrate students' extraordinary talents 和 foster the creativity 和 innovation of future package design.

The competition encourages young talent by awarding the best design students around the country through their creativity 和 ingenuity.

The perfect opportunity for your student to build their portfolio!

Submissions should contain the 3-D package provided by 正规的网上购彩 as the primary design element with the outside package being the secondary design element. The description of the product 和 promotional photos are also part of the submission. 学生应该选择自己的材料. This should be an original br和 和/or product name.

The final submission information will be provided at a later date via email to the faculty contact. Complete the entry form to register your campus 和 students.



Students will design the label 和 outer packaging of two container options, 由国家正规的网上购彩平台有哪些的赞助商慷慨提供, 东方山工业, 有限责任公司, that will become a personal care product such as: shampoo, 护发素, 乳液, 晒黑乳液, 发胶, 沐浴产品, 面部保湿霜等等 . . . 运用你的想象力!

It is a simple program that does not require a lot of class time or instructions from you! Give your students the information 和 let them work on it!



This competition is an excellent opportunity to grow as an artist 和 develop their art career. They benefit in a number of ways – exposure, creativity, 和 even self-confidence. This is a marketing exercise for your students in a real-world environment 和 can provide a promotional opportunity for their skill set. 获得大量的经验, showcase skills 和 analyze 和 evaluate the outcomes of the contest while uncovering their personal aptitude.

  • Provide your students with real-world experience in design
  • 帮助建立他们的投资组合
  • Working on additional incentives for the school 和 student

“多亏了这个项目, I grew tremendously as a designer 和 learned so much about the packaging industry. Touring facilities 和 meeting industry-experts helped me gain valuable insight into the field 和 how my package could have been adjusted for increased feasibility... I had the opportunity to meet amazing people in the world of design.” - Benjamin J Haver, 2020 ICMAD

- Benjamin J Haver, 2020 ICMAD Young Designer Winner


  • 规章制度+
    1. Only schools approved by 正规的网上购彩 are eligible to enter the competition. 与国家正规的网上购彩平台有哪些联系,以获得资格.
    2. 每位学生一份.
    3. 不使用知名品牌. 这一定是原创作品.
    4. Students must use airless bottle container provided. (virtual submissions only in 2021 due to COVID-19)
    5. Due to shipping constraints may appear to be filled but cannot contain any contents of any kind. (virtual submissions only in 2021 due to COVID-19)
    6. Designs must represent real-world applications (i.e.、条形码、配料表等.) 和 be complete with a cap, labels 和 accessories, including an outside package. Designs may include other components of the student’s choice, 如彩色涂料, bases 和 added décor that still have some degree of practicality. 瓶盖可以被创造性地处理. The principal display panel (front panel) should identify the product inside the package, 以及选定的品牌名称. Samples of photos are in the Dropbox for Faculty Members; link will be provided.
    7. Communications 和 requests for information, forms, etc. must come from the authorized faculty representative of the school. 没有请求和/或沟通形式等. 从个别学生将被接受.
    8. Schools must work through the 正规的网上购彩 office for information about the competition.
    9. Student designer will submit their entry to their faculty representative. Be sure the entry is clearly identified with name of the designer 和 the school.
    10. Faculty representative will evaluate each design 和 determine if it should be submitted to the competition as a representation of the work at that school. Only those entries selected 和 submitted by the authorized faculty representative will be considered for the competition.
    11. 正规的网上购彩 will retain the top five finalists package designs. All other entries will be removed from – 和 will not be used for purposes other than – this competition.
    12. Winning package designs become the property of 正规的网上购彩 for the purpose of promoting this competition only.
  • 判断的标准

    Each entry will be judged as to the effectiveness of the design for successful marketing. 请遵守以下指导方针:

    • 详细填写提交表格. These forms are crucial as we narrow down the finalist. Judges take great care in reading submission in underst和ing the direction that the student was going.
    • 严格遵守规则
    • 使用2D和3D设计原则.
    • Consideration given to sustainability 和 environmental friendliness
  • 决赛选手奖


    The five finalists chosen from the submitted entries will be awarded at the Young Designers Independent Beauty Award Event in Las Vegas, NV. 细节跟随. Prizes include: First Place $5,000, Second Place $2,500 和 Third Place $1,500.

    两名荣誉奖获得者每人获得500美元. PLUS your student will enjoy personal meetings with executives from the hottest beauty companies 和 networking opportunities with a host of top industry professionals. 除了奖金给决赛选手, 其他奖项正在筹备中, 比如玫琳凯的实习, Coola和其他德州领先的公司, 纽约和加利福尼亚.

  • 截止日期+日期


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