About BATS

Students or clients being family to us, we only engage knowledge seekers in the education process or services we offer if we are convinced that they will accrue potential benefits to protect their investment in creating or correcting a career. Come join us!

Beirut Academy for Travel Sciences (B.A.T.S) was founded early 2006.  It is run and managed by a connoisseur of the travel and tourism Industry, Hassan El-Zein, having been a mentor and a practitioner for nearly twenty years.

B.A.T.S mission is to supply a better education of the travel, tourism and freight industries in Lebanon and abroad through the up to date and diverse services that play a mandatory role in providing a reliable foundation for jobs.  Hence, B.A.T.S teams up with the Travel Institute USA , CIFFA (The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association), Sabre The Travel Network Lebanon, ATTAL (Association of Travel and Tourist Agents in Lebanon) and multi-universities. 

More about The Travel Institute

Established in 1964, The Travel Institute serves as a community of knowledge and insight for all travel professionals. Through innovative education programs, professional certifications and customized learning solutions, the Institute fulfills its non-profit mission to promote a standard of industry knowledge and excellence.  Visit at www.thetravelinstitute.com

More about CIFFA

The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association CIFFA was founded September 1948 in Montreal by a small group of freight forwarders who saw a need to create an industry association to meet the professional demands of its members. Visit at www.ciffa.com

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