Wasting time and money on employing the right candidates?  B.A.T.S recruitment team provides you with highly trained Freight, travel, and tourism talent pool!

Terms & Conditions:

We want to ensure that you will keep all the information supplied by our company Bats confidential pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

The recruitment services presented and required on our behalf should remain confidential and concealed:

  • Name of the company offering the vacancy

  • The person undergoing the interview

  • The BATS form signed on behalf of the applicant

  • Job details ought to stay confidential in case the job was dismissed on behalf of either parties, the recruiter, or the job seeker.

  • Upon violating any of the mentioned conditions the, applicant will be held accountable, and shall be obliged to compensate Beirut Academy for Travel Sciences.

BATS in turn will provide the applicant with the recruitment details and will conceal all information about the applicant; and shall not give away or provide information about the latter, whether a resume or contact info unless the applicant consents to so.

An application form should be filled out correctly and honestly on behalf of the applicant.

Amount of Payment:

Recruiter’s fee paid by the applicant will be a full one month salary/ B.A.T.S colleagues pay only ½ month salary, as assigned by the recruiting company.

After the first job acquirement, any consecutive job acquired through BATS will have a 50% recruitment fee discount.



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